Photo Booth FAQ’s

Is Printing Unlimited?

Yes it is! Unlike other companies we do not charge for extra printing EVER!

Do you provide a back drop? 

Every photo booth rental comes with a backdrop and we have several to choose from!

Can you print multiple copies?

Yes you can! Our booths and printers print multiple copies for guests to enjoy

Is there an online gallery?

Every Photo Booth will receive an online gallery for you and your guests to download digital copies free of charge

Is break down and set up free of charge?

It is always free of charge

How many hours of actual “live” photo booth time are included in your pricing? Does the time include setup and breakdown?

We have several packages varying in lengths of time but set up and breakdown are not included in the running time of the booth and are always free of charge

Can you add overtime?

You certainly can!

Will an attendant be present at the booth?

All booths will have an attendant present to assist guests with the Photo Booth experience

What sort of props do you have? What do your props look like?

We have several different collections of props ranging from general assortments, to stick props, to all black-and-white. It just depends on what you’re looking for!


What type of camera and printer do you use?

We use high-end DSLR Canon cameras accompanied by DNP brand printers. Our equipment is only of the highest quality


How many people can you fit in the photo booth area?

We get this question a lot and it really just depends on a few factors but getting 10 to 12 people in the picture is never a problem!

What do I need to provide for the event?

Nothing, unless you are looking to have a matching linen for our table which you are always welcome to provide

How long does it take to set up?

We allow one hour for set up for each of our Photo Booths


How much space would we need for your photo booth?

Great question! The rule of thumb is that an 8 x 8 footprint works great for our photo booths


Is there a limit to how many photos people can take?

There is no limit too how many photos people can take!


Can you provide us with a customized photo booth strip?

We certainly can


Do you provide a memory book/guestbook?

We have them available for purchase and also run specials throughout the year providing them free of charge with bookings


Do you charge for travel?

We do, just inquire at booking


If the ceremony is taking place in the same area as where the photo booth is, can you be set up in earlier than an hour and prior to our start time? If so, what is the cost for doing so? 

We are able to set up earlier than what is included in a rental and just charge a small hourly fee for “idle time” to accommodate these requests