Leave It All Out In The “Open-Air”

For some, the word “photobooth” conjures images of metal boxes found in train stations and shopping malls, filled with pre-teens striking a pose (or four, to be exact). While many of us have fond memories behind the thick curtains of those booths, their design isn’t necessarily ideal for your wedding or event. If you’re looking to rent a photobooth, consider pulling back the curtain with an open air photobooth. Here are a few reasons we think open air is the way to go for your next photobooth rental:


Whether you’re looking to rent a photobooth for your upcoming nuptials or a corporate event, more people often means more fun! With an open air photobooth, you’re not limited by available space–you can jam-pack the entire squad into one photo, and no one has to feel left out (FOMO is real). Oh, and your claustrophobic Aunt Doris? She won’t have an issue either.


Half the fun of a photobooth rental lies in the entertainment value provided not only to those participating, but to those watching! When you rent a photobooth with an open design, everyone waiting in line and mingling at the party can see what’s going on too! One look at the CEO with a faux moustache and your guests’ nights will be made. Not to mention, those who were reluctant to join in on the fun will witness the shenanigans first hand, and they won’t be able to resist!


With an open air photobooth rental, the professional-grade camera and lighting equipment are housed in a modern, clean tower. Not only will the setup and tear-down be a breeze, the tower looks great at any event! There’s no need for a clunky booth that clashes with your decor; instead, your photobooth rental will complement the style and theme of your soiree.


Do you have a vision for the backdrop to your photos? Whether it’s a wall of glitter, giant balloons that spell out your name, or a backdrop that makes it seem as though your guests have ventured into outer space, an open air design can accommodate it. Not to mention that you can make use of the biggest and baddest props with no fear of overcrowding.


Let’s get real; you can’t photobomb a picture being taken in a closed booth. Isn’t that reason enough to go with an open air design?

When planning your next event, rent a photobooth that is sure to capture the unforgettable memories you and your guests create!