Which Template Is Best?

When booking a photo booth, you have a lot of options and decisions to make. From vertical to horizontal pictures, to different style backdrops, to prop selection, and so on, there are a lot of decisions to be made. One important decision to make is what kind of template to choose and more so understanding the differences between your options.

A typical photo booth printer is set to print media that is 4 inches by 6 inches. This means that you can choose from your guests receiving one large 4×6 photo booth print, or two smaller, 2×3 photo booth prints (which essentially is just a 4×6 cut in half by the printer). Here are the differences in the two:

First, don’t worry about the design of the template, focus more on how many pictures are on each photo strip and whether you like the larger 4×6 prints or the smaller 2×3 prints.

4×6 Template Examples (1 Print Per Session)

2×6 Template Examples (2 Prints Per Session)

As for the actual design of the template, recent popularity in photo booths has sprouted a new world of template design. There are literally 1,000’s of choices and we normally direct our clients in a few different directions to get ideas for template designs they could chooses from. We let you choose if you want us to simply give you a few designs we commonly use or if you want to search on your own for the perfect template.¬†Here are a few websites with templates we commonly use if you wanted to dig a little deeper. Have a look!



Things to Consider…

  • The more photos you have on a template, the smaller they will be.
  • The more photos you have on a template, the more time it takes for your guests to go through the photo booth. This might create lines for events with a large guest count.
  • The photos on a 2×3 strip are a lot smaller than those on a 4×6 print
  • When printing 2×3 strips your guests receive two copies, where as with 4×6’s they receive one.
  • 4×6 prints allow for more text to be placed on the template
  • 2×3’s are more traditional as 4×6’s are newer and more contemporary